Park Failure and I don't know why


I have been trying to upload the logfile but it’s 7.24 megabytes and the forum keeps telling me that the file is too large Twice this week the scope failed to park and I don’t know what’s wrong…how do I upload the logfile here? What am I doing wrong? (up till last week it parked ever ytime perfectly well. I’ve changed nothing)
Pablo Lewin
Member of the TESS subgroup 1.


You will have to put the file into a sharing service such as dropbox.


WOW! Why didn’t I think of that? Thank you! and here it is, thank you in advance



The failure occurred at about 4 or 5 AM on July 11th by the way…


Can you give some details of the mount, observatory etc.
My mount sometimes parks but fails to report back that it is parked. It seems to be a device driver / communication issue.


Sorry buzz, I didn’t see this. Celestron C14 Edge HD with CGE Pro mount. SGP was working great till recently it all started failing as far as the parking is concerned. Unfortunately SGP has no customer support so I will have to consider other more serious options since I need this scope to support the TESS program…Thanks and good luck


Pablo - software doesn’t change itself - but hardware can become unreliable.
You sent a huge logfile and I had to trawl through it. At 21:20 SGP threw an exception because your telescope ASCOM driver did not respond and SGP timed out. There are no attempted parks around 4 oclock and around 5, you had an event park (for flats?) and then it appears it tried to move the mount, but it will not, as it is parked. I think the debugging of this is at an early stage and it is foolhardy to draw conclusions. You need to know the actual time of the problem and also have the log files for the ASCOM drivers for the same time. That will tell you what tried to do what, and the outcome. There are a number of us who have hundreds of unattended hours with SGP with parking and dome controls. Yes, we have the occasional gremlin in a version, but they are consistent. I have had more issues from devices (through ASCOM but not necessarily ASCOM itself) than with SGP itself.

Have you asked for support? This is a hobby for most of us and it takes a little effort on our part to help developers help us. I know several SGP users who started with a ‘serious option’ and ended up here.


Thanks Buzz…I will fix the problem somehow.

Good luck

PS Do you work for SGP by the way? I thought one asked for support here on this forum…


Pablo the forum is a general one about SGP related stuff as well as for asking help. There is no ‘ticket’ system. The developers chime in when it is clearer that more informed help is required. I’m just one of several amateur users with several years experience. We try and help out where we can, as many of us have had similar head-scratching moments too.