PHD Graph Module Issue


Hello all,
Did a search for this but didn’t get any usable results.

The graph works perfectly with PHD2 rev 9 and all the buttons do what they are supposed to do except one…

Since I have had SGP the ‘Clear’ button never clears the graph no matter when I press it, anyone else seeing
this ???



Well, I looked at the code for this and the clear button is technically working, but you must be clicking it when PHD2 is not actively guiding. Clicking clear essentially sets a flag that clears the data on the next graph update (which only happens when PHD2 is actually guiding). I have a added a couple lines of code to make this more immediate.


Aha…Cheers Ken

#4 Beta

The PHD modules Clear button is great now, clears whenever I click it. That’s Better !

Many Thanks Ken