Plans for dual camera use in SGP?


Though I’ve been critical of the new direction of SGP starting with version3, I am curious as to whether there is anything in the works to allow synchronized use of two ccd cameras on the same mount. I know Joel has been successful using a cmos camera, and it would be the piece of cheese that would be worth the upgrade from version 2.


Guess not…


It has been asked for several times ( inc me ) and it was hinted that it was on the list, but
not heard much about it lately



It’s been on and off the priority list multiple times. A fairly simple “First pass” is in the works but not the final version we’d like to get to. Things like scheduling and functionality that can be used regardless of equipment generally take priority as they are beneficial to the most users.



Thanks Harry. I appreciate your response.


Thank you Jared. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


That’s a shame… I’ve been hoping for this for ages now… while it’s OK to run 2 instances of SGP it would be easier to have a more dedicated way to do it.

I think I’d be happy if there was just some synchronisation for the flip, so that a sub isn’t wasted in the ‘slave’ camera… dithering etc would be a nightmare to implement I am sure.


Me too. Would like to run a pair of sync’d cameras.


I have been waiting for the dual setup option for a long time and thought it was on the way. So that’s really bad news …


I thought it would be implemented in version 2.5 - but I’ve probably misunderstood something.

(Multicamera Support)