Plate solve APM file found but could not be opened?

Last night my sequence failed around 12:40 am. After working flawlessly up until that point. It had centered 3 different targets, did a successful meridian flip, and plate solving was resolving in seconds.

But at some point it went to center a target (The spindle galaxy) but the plate solve failed.

The fail message reads “Auto Center validation frame failed to solve. Plate solve: APM file found but could not be opened”

I am using ANSVR offline and have been for a couple of years now. Whats up with this?

That is an error message issues by PlateSolve2, not ANSVR. Is that what you meant?

I suppose, but never mind. After going back and reviewing I found that the Spindle was actually in the trees in the time frame I had set. Somehow it managed to capture a few frames through some holes in the trees!

Not sure how I got there but… embarrassing. Thanks!