Plate solving with USNO 2


Has anyone managed to plate solve with USNO 2?

I am using Pinpoint with that Catalog on my 9.25 Edge HD and I get an immediate fail to a blind solve failover. I have tried exposures from 5,10.15.20 seconds.
Focus is good and I have .38px set with my QSI583.
It seems like it is not even trying.
Ran the catalog checker and it indicated all good.??



Sure, works fine. Just set the directory to point to that instead of the GSC. Of course, my F.L is only 1000mm…


I think being at 2350 May have something to do with it
I may try UCAC4?
My 127 refractor works great with the GSC
Oh well


Why don’t you post an image you’re trying to solve and we can check it out.



This is very likely a bad idea.

If you send logs we can take a look (in terms of “looks like it’s not even trying”).


Will do,
I am still struggling with PHD, I will have logs tomorrow, still trying to image.
I made it through almost 4 events tonite of 8 two minute exposures before the camera became unresponsive, again.
Restarted and resuming sequence.



Here are my PHD and SGP logs with the plate solve failure and the camera becoming unresponsive before my recent restart. I have not looked at them.




I use PinPoint configured for the USNO libraries and have no problem. I am imaging at 2032mm with a KAF-8300 based camera.



How long are your solve exposures?


Can you verify your catalog is set properly? The log (at least initially), indicates it is set to nothing. Can you pate what you are pointed at in a response here?


I was on M101. Initially I had no Cat selected, then I pointed it to the USNO folder on my C: drive.
I generally slew to first and then center.
I did not save the fits file that I was trying to solve. I do remember that it did come up on the screen un stretched. After the immediate fail I am pretty sure I went back and reset plate solving to do the failover and on the next occurrence, it blind solved very quickly.





My plate solve exposures are typically 10 seconds thru a 12" Meade LX850-ACF OTA.