Problem finding object with mosaic plug in


I thought I should give the framing and mosaic wizard a go , but when I type in a object to find like m42

I get " error fetching image could not resolve resolve m42 with simbad

Any ideas please

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Hi Harry

I’m not exactly sure, but it may be that you need to increase the FOV options shown from the default (taken from your equipment profile) in the mosaic wizard. I’ve had to do this to show large targets.





Thanks for the reply

I was one version of sgp behind and after updating it seems to work fine :smile:

Any one got tips on how to inc a image you already have i.e so you can add a second frame to it





There is no good way to do this now. What would be pretty easy to do though is allow you to use your existing image as J2000 input to MFW, then with a button, allow for an exactly centered mosaic grid to be overlayed atop. The sequence maker could then skip or ignore a list of the frames you choose.

What do you think of that approach?



Sounds good to me :smile: and just what I need




Been playing with this and can not believe how stupid I have been in not getting this before

makes target composition , even for a single image so easy

One day I will know everything :wink:



Sequence Generator 2.4 Beta 2 is Released for Testing

Ok… So I will freely admit that this is just a step in the right direction. The ultimate solution being that you can define multiple disparate capture areas that are all laid out in relation to the opened image. That is a pretty significant change. The change I made today took about 3 hours and will allow you to get pretty close.

Using the MFW, you can now open a FITS file (taken with SGPro… maybe will support others later) as the mosaic reference, and you get this (the blue square shows what area you have already captured):

Then you can do things like this multiple times, simply using the “append” option when creating the sequence:

Or… you can do something like this, note that panel 5 is not needed and then delete it from the final sequence:



That looks a great start , will you be releasing it as a update :smile:



I don’t think so, but it will be part of the next 2.4 beta release coming out shortly.



would that be Christmas pressie shortly :smile:





many thanks

happy Christmas all



Ken, I just wanted to say that this is really cool and appreciate the effort to create this option.


I really can not quite believe it!

I have not haunted this forum for quite some time. Months!
Today (Jan 1) I came here thinking to ask “How can I construct a mosiac incorporating a frame I have already acquired” and . . . BLAM!!!

Amazing synchronicity!

Thanks, Ken. I have already played with it and it’s just what I needed! This is really useful!