Problems with Plate Solve (Elbrus)



I have been using your trial version for a while and I like it a lot and there are many chances that I will buy the license but I have a problem when it comes to solving the fields. Normally I have used the Elbrus, it is the fastest one that works for me but when trying to solve the field of a photograph it gives me the following error:

“Failed to plate solve image (Elbrus Failed to plate solver: Can not convert COM object of type” System_ComObject to interface type ‘elbrus.ImageSolver’.) An operation error occurred because the QueryInterface call in the COM component for the interface with IID ‘(397B5F9D-993E-4480-AA0B-8E5850EF7A4D)’ generated the following error: Interface not supported (Exception of HRESULT: 0x80004002 (E_NOINTERFACE)).)!

I’ve tried using others like Plate Solve 2 but they never solve the field. However, if I upload my image to the website if you resolve it. They are small fields of 32x24 arcminute. If I do not get this to work for me, I’m sorry I will not be able to use your software. Do you have any idea or suggestion to correct it?

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No plate solver is 100% successful all the time. Elbrus is a pretty outdated. The recommended option is to use PlateSolve2 as your primary solver and the local instance of (ANSVR) as a backup. ANSVR does not need the internet but uses the same astrometric catalogs as the online version. For me, PlateSolve2 solves 90% of my images and ANSVR solves 99.9% of my images that fail with PlateSolve2.

Make sure you have configured PlateSolve2 properly. You’ll need to download the APM and UCAC3 catalogs and configure the settings to point to the folder location you saved the catalogs. See this link for setting up and using ANSVR:


I’m going crazy, I can not get Plate Solve 2 to solve my shots. The configuration is correct and the catalogs are correctly installed. If I upload the image to if I solve it but with Plate Solve 2 I can not get it. How could I attach a photo so that someone could try to solve it with Plate Solve 2. The data that gives me is the following:

Size: 31.7 x 23.6 arcmin
Radiuis: 0.329 deg
Pixel Sacale: 2.38 arcseg / pixel

Could it be something related to the size of the field? I have another configuration that offers me larger fields and these images if I solve them without problems. Maybe you have to modify some Plate Solve 2 parameter to solve them?

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What error are you seeing when it fails?

One thing you should double check is that the “Scale” setting (arc/s per pixel) is set correctly on your Camera tab to match the actual imaging scale of the camera you are using.