Purchasing difficulty


Hello Jared and Ken,

Paypal has left Turkey because of some disagreements with the Turkish authorities. When we want to buy with a credit card, this still has to go through the Paypal infrastructure. Turkey is not even mentioned in the " Country" list there.

Currently, there are a couple of friends of mine who want to purchase licenses for SGP and/or FMW. Is there a wire transfer option they can use ? Or are you able to charge their credit cards directly, w/o going through the Paypal setup ?




Hmm… That is unfortunate. Our current LLC tax structure is setup through PayPal right now. @Jared and I will discuss this to see if there are other (easy) alternatives that don’t cost us a fortune.


I’m one of the guys Sedat mentioned in his post. :slight_smile:
I bought SGP about two years ago and working with it great pleasure. Now I need the Mozaic Wizard. Please help.
Thanks, Sab.