QHY9 cooling


It seems that in fixing the framing & mosaic problem in V2 you have resurfaced the QHY9 cooling problem I have had to revert back to V2.6.0.24 and will have to do without the mosaic tool.


Hello! Anybody home?


We’re going to need logs. The Framing and Mosaic Wizard fix in V2 was highly isolated and nothing else was changed. So I’m not entirely sure how this could have affected the cooling issue with Qhy which essentially has to poll their device to make sure it keeps cooling.



" logs, one from V2.6.0.24…cooling works
One from V2.6.1.106 cooling doesnt work.sg_logfile_20180813163833.txt (22.0 KB)

sg_logfile_20180813172029.txt (21.8 KB)


Any news on this or am I forced to upgrade to V3.?


I have not had time to investigate. We’ll be addressing it but I can’t give you a solid date. Hopefully within a week or two. You can always roll back to the previous 2.6 version.



I have, but the framing and mosaic tool doesn’t work, so it’s catch 22


Just released which addresses this.



Many Thanks