Real-time preview for frame and focus


The time taken by SGP to display an image during frame and focus is just too slow to be of use - 10 seconds plus. Because of this I have to use other software which can provide real-time live previews to get focus and then re-open SGP to run a sequence. I have to do this each time I want to refocus. Can SGP provide improved preview speeds in future to make the frame and focus feature usable or is there already some way of increasing the download speed?


What camera are you using?



Hi Jared


What binning are you using. When I had my qhy9 I would typically use 3x3 or 4x4 for frame and focus. Download times were very fast.



I will try that, of course the trick will be to remember to set it back to 1x1 before starting the sequence.
In the QHY native software EZCAP, the camera is just like a video camera in preview mode at 1x1, very fast indeed.
I appreciate your prompt attention to my problem, I really like everytthing else about SGP!


They’re accessing the driver natively, we use ASCOM, so we have to follow the rules that ASCOM sets forth and QHY’s implementation therein.

You shouldn’t need to remember to change it back and forth between the sequence and the frame and focus module. Each of those have their own binning values and are not intermingled. Setup the sequence how you want and set the Frame and Focus Module to whatever binning you want to use.



Ah, that’s great!