Reference image?


I am looking to start plate solving for the very first time using my SBIG STF-8300c and Orion EON 80mm. I think I will use Elbrus for the solver which I haven’t installed yet. I watched the video tutorial and it looks plenty simple but I do have a few questions. Where do you get a reference image to plug into the solver? Can it be any picture on the target? Can you just type in the targets name without an internet connection and it will know how to plate solve the target? At home I have an internet connection but at my dark site I do not so I’m trying to make sure I know how to use the plate solving without a connection.

Also I have never checked in the daytime to see but does anyone know if the 8300c CCD is flipped or not?

Thanks, Jason


The “flipped” is now deprecated. We no longer have that option in SGP.

You can use different types of data. You can use a FITs file, or a URL to a solved image from Flickr or AstroBin. See here for more info:

For the plate solving tools this does not work. However this does work in the Mosaic and Framing Wizard, but it does require an internet connection.

I would highly recommend you look through “The first week with SGPro” tutorial on our support page as it will help you get up and running quickly.

You might want to work out the basics of SGP prior to jumping in to plate solving. Otherwise you’re going to be in for a rather steep learning curve, especially if plate solving is completely new to you. That tutorial does cover plate solving too, so just going through it will likely get you up and running with what you’re looking to do.



Thanks, I manged to get a local server install of Astrometry and it works good on my subs. Takes about 30 seconds but it works better than elbrus. I have pretty much went through all the basics and with only 5 days left on my trial, I will defiantly be purchasing it.



I have even used images saved from a Google image search, then cropped to place the center where you want your center. Use this as a reference image and do a blind solve. It works about 90% of the time.


I do still have the question of, “How do I solve without an internet connection” What is the best way to solve away from home? Can I just manually fill in the RA and DEC coordinates or what about exporting the internet solve to a .SGR file?



Select your image using browse… and do a blind solve using, Elbrus, or Pinpoint.


But Blind solve requires an internet connection?



Not if you’re using a local server.


I’ll be darn. It worked. TY!!!



Just make sure you have SGP pointed to your ANSVR install (http://localhost:8080/api) for the plate solver and you should be good to go…sounds like you’ve figured this out though :slight_smile: