Resume file naming in sequence?


Suppose I have a sequence with an event that consisted of 12 frames that completed and resulted in files sub0001-sub0012 written to a directory. Another night I decide I want to add more subs but the sequence progress has been reset. I’d like the file names to resume in sequence. That is, the first frame of the night (same directory ) is sub0013, next sub0014 etc.

I think it will save the new frames to sub001-1, sub0002-1 to avoid overwriting existing files (a very good thing!) but I’d like to pick up naming in sequence if possible. Is there any way to do this?

thanks, -carl


There is no way to do this. I think there are several requests for it already. Can’r remember where I placed them in terms of priority though. Maybe 2.5…? I’ll have a look later.


Hey thanks Ken. No worries, you’ve bigger fish to fry I’m sure. Just wondered if I had missed something. For now I’ll rename when needed. best, -carl


Actually Ken (and Carl), in this particular case can’t he just adjust the frame count by double clicking on the frame count in the event and setting the progress to 12? So on the second night he would just need to have an event where the number of frames to capture was higher than 12, and then reset the progress to 12 completed. Or have I misunderstood the request?


Sure, that will indeed do what you are saying (it’s a little manually intensive). I was referring to the request that finds the max frame number in the lights file folder and starts counting from there. Meaning even if it’s frame 1 according to SGPro, the file name (with a new % token) would use 14 or 15 or whatever.


Hey Joel, didn’t know about that little trick of adjusting the frame count. Thanks! I’ll try this next time the issue comes up (read, whenever the clouds go away again). Indeed, what Ken describes is ideal but if and until that can be implemented this will certainly help.

Just underscores the need to re-read the documentation - even after you have been comfortable using the program for a couple years. I looked and there it was in the Event section of the Help File under “Adjusting Capture History”.

Thanks again for pointing that out! -carl


I just discovered that SGP will overwrite file, the hard way :0(

Could we not have an option to not overwrite files?

I guess I will look for some file name key that will be unique.


I use the full date and time to give each file a unique number that will never duplicate. Also helps with sorting and trouble shooting having the time in the file name rather than having to go to the fits header. I do end up with long file names though. :grin:

The pattern for this is: _%yy%mm%dd%tm

An example created this way: ngc1808group_120sec_Clear@-15.0C_20160210200758

Clear Skies



This should never happen. If SGP finds that a file exists it will append a numbering sequence to the file to create a unique file. Do you have the log where this occurred?



I was using the same sequence to take bias frames. Events for Bin 1x1 and 2x2. I re-ran the sequence 5 times, for camera gains of 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4.

When I went to organize the bias frames into folders by gain, I only had one set, as if I had only run the the sequence one time. (92.3 KB) (7.5 KB)


I definitely see that SGP is creating new files for duplicates and renaming them correctly:

[6/5/2016 2:02:19 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Created full file name (file does not exist): C:\Users\SJAA\Pictures\SGP\M51\Bias\
[6/5/2016 2:52:47 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Created full file name: C:\Users\SJAA\Pictures\SGP\M51\Bias\
[6/5/2016 2:57:46 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Created full file name: C:\Users\SJAA\Pictures\SGP\M51\Bias\
[6/5/2016 2:59:29 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Created full file name: C:\Users\SJAA\Pictures\SGP\M51\Bias\
[6/5/2016 3:00:58 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Created full file name: C:\Users\SJAA\Pictures\SGP\M51\Bias\

I’m not sure how you “sorted by gain” but it appears that SGP did NOT overwrite any files. Maybe just not how you’re expecting to find them?



I’ll check again tonight when I have access to that laptop.

I was looking in C:\Users\SJAA\Pictures\SGP\M51\Bias and only found the
number of files corresponding to one run of the sequence, instead of 5.

I did move them to C:\Users\SJAA\Pictures\SGP\Bias before “organizing” so
maybe I didn’t get them all checked in the move process (would have done
control A, however).

Thanks for checking the logs and I will report back.


OK my bad. You are right, the files are there. Not overwritten.

My apologies.


No worries, just wanted to make sure they were not getting overwritten as that would have been bad indeed!