Resume Sequence Order of Events Issue


My scope is on my deck partially under my eaves with a view to the East. I have to stop imaging when my scope reaches about 60 degrees due to roofline. I have an AP1100 and By flipping early to a CW up position I can get an extra couple hours tracking over the roofline but I can’t flip until a bit later as the scope would run into the pier. I was imaging the Heart and stopped about 10;30 when I reached 60 degrees. I let the scope keep tracking and reset the sequence to resume with autocentering at 1:30 am when it would be safe to flip. At this point the scope would be looking at the roof.

I waited up but in bed to make sure I heard the scope slew at 1:30 but it didn’t. Got up and looked at PC and saw SGP in recovery mode. I hit try again, it slewed via a flip and worked fine. I’m assuming SGP tried autofocus, plate solve or resume guiding before it did the centering? Maybe I should have stopped tracking or pointed the scope at open sky and parked?

Thanks, Wayne