Rigel focuser disconnects


Started having this problem. The Rigel focuser just disconnects. Was wondering if anyone is/has experienced similar? Any thoughts/suggestions? One thing it says is “SGPro thinks the focuser is connected, but it’s not,”

Logfile. Scroll to 22:48 and the error is shown: https://www.amazon.ca/clouddrive/share/S7oT8LThwHCczLstqioN7pvov4n7ZDJmPkq5DlExgBz

Thanks for any help.


I have been using 2 of these for several years and have never seen this happen. You should double check your cables and power supply.


Yes I’ve been using the same setup for over a year without any problems. Just started happening two clear nights ago. I checked the voltage to the Rigel focuser and its fine and checked cables, unplugged and reconnected etc. Seems to only happen when SGP wants to change focus as part of a sequence. If I manually adjust it doesn’t happen. Which is why I included the log. Maybe there’s a clue in there for someone. I read a couple other posts from previous years that had focuser disconnects like mine, one with the same log event, but no real answers to be found to fix my new problem. Not sure whats the difference between manually changing focus (course/fine) and SGP doing it as part of a sequence that would lead to a disconnect.


Went back to v3.0.2.94 and ran some test sequences and the Rigel focuser did not disconnect. I had upgraded to latest release the same time the problem began (could be a fluke but I don’t know). Next test will be to upgrade to v3.0.3.140. Then to latest release again. See what happens.