SBIG Cameras With Adaptive Optic(AO-8) Connections With SGPRO


I am evaluating SGPRO and was wondering if SGPRO has a SBIG camera option for connecting to SBIG cameras with AO8 or AO8T adaptive optics?

All I see is a SBIG camera option for internal or external guide heads. Do you also have an option to connect to AO8 pr AO8T? MAXIM DL has a SBIG AO camera connection option.

Or for that matter any camera with adaptive optics even as an ASCOM option like MAXIM DL has as well.



Hi Dale,

As far as I know (being an SX-AO-LF user myself for years now) AO is handled by your guiding program and SGP doesn’t do guiding. In PHD2 I connect using the AO option in the gear connect window. Have you tried PHD2 with SGP? A winning combo in my opinion.


I will look in to it. I guess PHD2 has an SBIG AO camera option?



last i checked it didn’t but i havent tried to use my SBIG AO in a long time.



Your right…It does not support SBIG AO. So, I guess if you have a AO, Sequence Generator PRO will not support it with the latest version of software. Too bad. I was going to buy it, but not if it won’t support adaptive optics.


i wonder if metaguide supports the sbig AO? IIRC SGP can also use metaguide for guiding.


SGP does’t have any support for Adaptive Optics. PHD2 supports some AO units but I don’t the SBIG unit is one of them.