Sequence aborted, thinking mount was parked


Hi there, here is a strange one - I attempted an all-nighter last night and the sequence appears to have aborted at 3:06:15, believing the mount was parked. I have gone through the ASCOM log file but there is no indication of an IsParked = True during the preceding sequence. I have put ASCOM and SGP logfiles in the dropbox folder below.
Strangely - SGP then went on to park the mount and close the roof as part of its end of sequence instruction.

Mount is a PMX, attached through the TSX Ascom driver.



Looking at the ASCOM log AtPark seems to be false all through until after the Park command has completed as 03:07:37

Tracking changes to false at 03:06:12, there’s also a gap in the log from 03:05:59 to that time.

I get the impression that the tracking state change could be interpreted as the mount being parked.

The question is why tracking stopped, could the mount have tracked past the meridian to a stop? The Azimuth is 189 degrees with a pierside of West so that could be what has happened.



Chris is correct. The “Parked” message is checking to see if the mount is parked or if tracking has stopped. In this case tracking likely stopped.

I don’t see a request to stop tracking in either SGP or in the Mount ASCOM Log, so I’m guessing that something else stopped it internal to the mount.



Thanks guys - Interesting, I had meridian flip in SGP set to 20 mins and meridian limit in TSX set to 0.5 hours. Looks like it hit a software limit in TSX and did not flip. Looking at my guide logs, I had some guide issues during the night and I wonder if that confused the decision to flip. I’ll go through the logs and try and look for clues.


My apologies - my mistake and sorry for wasting your time. When I double-checked TSX software limits, only one side was set to 0.5hours, the other side was set at 0.29 hours, just less than the SGP setting of 20 mins.
I got caught out by the TSX UI. I remember realizing the limits were not symmetrical and I went back into Bisque TCS to correct it, but forgot that the setting is not persistent unless you back out and then upload all settings to the mount.

Anyway - I had an excellent night - and the end of sequence worked just fine, parking the mount, waiting for it to get there and shutting the roof. Seeing was good and PHD2 was yielding a RMS error of 0.25", using the good 'ol ST4 cable to the PMX.


Thanks for letting us know @buzz , that matches what is seen, the mount hits the software limit in TSX and stops tracking.

@Jared , could the error report say that the reason for the failure is that tracking has stopped, not that the mount is parked (unless it is of course). It would help to get to the source of the problem more easily.



The logs now distinguish which property (AtPark or Tracking) was inspected.