Sequence Generator Pro is Released for General Use


Hi folks,

Sequence Generator Pro 2.4.2 is officially released for general use. This release marks the end of support for SGPro 2.4.1 and before.

This release is to address a few minor bugs prior to the release of 2.4.3, but mainly to address a legal issue in terms of distribution of a file we did not mean to distribute. This has been corrected. Changes:

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the AIRMASS FITS header to fail sporadically.
  • Fixed a bug where moving successful plate solve parameters to a target’s settings would ignore the image angle for the camera rotator.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a target would ignore camera rotator options.
  • Plate solvers now give better feedback to users for obviously bad hints.
  • The FITS header display window now opens significantly faster. Changes:

  • Added option to rotate the camera 180 degrees on meridian flip (if you use this option, make sure you understand its implications) If this option is checked, the camera rotator will rotate the camera 180 degrees during an automated meridian flip. It should be noted that, when the telescope is on the west side of the mount, the actual angle entered that target’s settings will be used. When the telescope is on the east side, the target’s angle + 180 degrees will be used. This means that if you choose to simply perform a rotate option (not associated with a flip) and the mount is on the east, the camera will rotate to the target’s angle + 180 degrees. If you use this option, be you must be careful to specify an an angle in the target’s settings, this option will not rotate the camera 180 degrees from the current position (before the flip).
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow the SGPro API to start in some regions.
  • Fixed a bug where file notification endpoints were improperly reset when a sequence was resuming.
  • Added placeholder buttons to connect and disconnect PHD2 gear (non-functional) Changes:

  • Removed nudge controls from telescope module (not used often and they take a lot of vertical space… still in the CP if you want to use them)
  • Added the ability to set the park position of the telescope and dome from the control panel and telescope docking module.
  • Changes to the installer that should let SGPro install on any OS (even XP… we still don’t support it, but if you want to you should be able to now).
  • The sequencer windows in now displayed properly when opening a sequence from the recents list
  • Hopefully fixed an issue that would cause a crash when clicking into the RA or DEC text boxes for plate solve hints. Changes:

  • Bug fixes for PlateSolve2 in certain regions.
  • Connected button icons for gear are now green Changes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause false matches in the new target / object name hint box (for plate solving)
  • Fixed an issue where PlateSolve2 solves could fail at longer focal lengths (maybe even shorter ones too)
  • Added code to, when applying a profile to a sequence, attempt to map the sequence’s filters to the new filter set defined in the profile. If this fails, a warning is issued. Previous to this it would just set the filters to “None”
  • Fixed a bug that, when applying a profile to an existing sequence, the image data directory might be cleared.
  • Significantly reduced idle CPU (when SGPro is not running a sequence… probably when it is too).
  • Fixed an issue with observatory open / close while slaved to the telescope.
  • If you have gear connected, SGPro will now ask if you really mean to close the app.
  • SGPro will no longer attempt to start recovery mode if the sequence is waiting on completion of a frame to pause. Changes:

  • Added new text file endpoint to the notification system (SGPro logs are not supposed to be user readable… if you understand them… more power to you. If you would like a more digestible version of what happened, you can use this endpoint.) The text file endpoint can also output CSV files if you like to use spreadsheets or filtering.
  • Added a target location hint service for plate solving (both in the image area and target settings plate solve area). This means you can enter a target catalog name in lieu if RA and DEC.
  • Added support for addresses (in addition to
  • SGPro now aborts centering actions if the telescope sync fails (if telescope indicates it cannot sync, this is not counted as a failure to sync).
  • SGPro focuser temperature smoothing no longer averages temperature readings that are obviously garbage (like 100C).
  • Fixed (hopefully) the MFW selection outline for Windows setups that use scaling above 100%
  • Fixed several bugs with the notification system email endpoints (introduced when it split into 3 endpoints)
  • Fixed an issue where some astrobin image solves (via URL) would appear to fail if they returned multiple plots with various null values.
  • Added a “reset all” button to the notification system (I highly recommend using this if you are a previous 2.4.2 beta user)… the burden of using beta software.
  • When the auto guider pauses for auto focus, it will now resume after change back to the event filter.
  • Added code to connect the observatory automatically when sequence starts
  • Added code to connect the flat box automatically when sequence starts
  • Added code to connect the safety monitor automatically when sequence starts
  • Added AIRMASS and OBJCTALT to the FITS header
  • Fixed a bug where the focuser timeout safety would not work properly (causing SGPro to never fire a failure event… thus no end of sequence)
  • Attempt to fix a bug where it was possible for sequence recovery to run in the background between a user start and stop of a sequence.
  • DirectMount guider should no longer say it is not compatible with automatic meridian flips
  • Fixed a bug where notification system messages might contain the sequence name multiple times Changes:

  • PlateSolve2 integration. Note: Some folks have had trouble getting the catalog settings to “stick”. If this happens to you, just try it again… for some reason it seems to work the second time (if it happens to you). Existing beta users (from the private beta) need to open the Log File folder and remove the existing PlateSolve2.exe file.
  • Adding a new feature that will allow you to apply a profile to any existing sequence directly from the “File” menu (File -> Apply Profile to Sequence)
  • Adding new feature that allows you to control the number of captured frames per event (helpful in order to compensate for bad frames and showing only what you have really captured)
  • Added option when marking a frame bad to also decrement the captured count on the event of origin. Request ability to change the event progress counter
  • Focuser temperature “smoothing”. For the focuser, SGPro will now return the mean temperature over the last 5 minutes. This should help with “jittery” readouts and reduce the number of erroneous autop-focus triggers because the focuser decided to report a spontaneous one degree delta (or similar).
  • Added two backup systems for the mosaic and framing wizard target lookup system. One is the SIMBAD mirror hosted at Harvard and the other is local database (now installed with SGPro containing more than 10,000 targets (~1MB). SIMBAD in France seems to be down a lot lately so we added this to improve user experience.
  • Added support for the Nikon D810A
  • Hopefully fixed the “Right click to center” bug found when using the Astrometry.NET solver
  • Sequence recovery will now terminate prior to the 90 minute time limit if the scope passes the meridian.
  • Can now deselect or select all targets by right clicking (a new option in the target context menu)
  • Added the PIXSCALE FITS header
  • Added ability for FLI cameras to set readout speed
  • Note: FLI settings have radio buttons for RBI mitigation (this is not yet functional).
  • Fixed an issue where trying to blind solve 32 bit reference fits would crash SGPro.
  • SGPro will no longer attempt to sync scopes / mounts that don’t want you to sync with them (Like TPoint in some cases).
  • Updated the type of high precision timer we use to time images (will hopefully help folks who have been seeing inconsistent wait times for exposures)
  • The “Direct Mount Guider” is now capable of performing meridian flips
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes show an error when rendering the filter image icon
  • Added Nikon D4 to the bulb camera list
  • Auto focus pause now occurs prior to AF filter change
  • Fixed a bug where SGPro would crash if an empty ImageHistory cell was right clicked
  • Fixed a bug where the settings buttons for the camera and filter wheel did not work (in the control panel)
  • Implemented a feature where images greater than 4000 px are automatically cropped when calculating image history (hopefully, tit will not take so long for DSLR images).
  • Enforcing a rules that does not allow targets to have the same name
  • The email endpoint has been removed and replaced with 3 email endpoints (you can use different filters for different sets of email addresses). Keep in mind that, if you used the email endpoint, you will need to set it up again!
  • SGPro will now abort the sequence at the beginning of a light frame if it detects the mount is parked or not tracking.
  • Fixed an error that could cause the “Mark Image Bad” operation to fail

As always, you can find it here:


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