Sequence merge


I have two different sequences that I would like to merge into the same file so I can switch targets when the first drops to low on the horizon. The one I would like to merge is a mosaic. Is there away to do that short of just running framing and mosaic wizard and adding to current sequence?


Sorry, there currently nothing in SGPro that allows for import of another sequence. Not saying we will implement this, just moving it to the feature requests category for voting…


I was just about to post a feature request for this. It would be nice to be able to import targets from another sequence. I have a mosaic sequence that I started the other night. I would like to finish it the next time the weather clears up and then continue with a different target I already have a framing and sequence for. Now I either have to recreate the framing and append the target to the first mosaic sequence or switch sequences manually during the night.


Agreed. This would be nice.


Like to add my name to this feature request as well. Would be a nice feature to have.

  • 1 here from me


Adding my vote to this.
But I actually am proposing a whole new system for creating/editing sequences.
There are many approaches to this sort of system, but I think this one would mesh well with current SGP design and make it amazingly simple to create and modify sequences.

It would contain the following 2 key elements:

  1. master database of targets. The simplest implementation of this I can think of is it is simply an XML file such as that produced by AstroPlanner. You could export a year or two worth of targets and that is the master target DB. In fact, you could have many different target DB’s. SGP would just let you choose the one you want to import from. One for NB, one for dark of the moon, one for Fall, etc. SGP would parse the XML file and let you choose the ones you want for tonight’s run, then import those selected into an existing or new sequence.

  2. master database of target events. When selecting a target from the master target DB, you could also select the event template that would populate the events of the target. I think this idea has already been proposed. Entries of new templates into this DB could be done from any existing sequence by just choosing one of the targets and choosing an option to make that target’s events a new template in the DB.

If an XML export from an existing sequence were to be added, you would then have complete support for merging sequences. Selecting which targets to export from the sequence could be easily handled on the “Target Settings List Editor” mentioned below.

This new system would also ideally be integrated with the complete sequence editing feature that I proposed earlier, “Target Settings List Editor”, and I believe has been accepted for 2.5.X. For anyone who has not seen what that might look like, here is a snapshot (or go to the full description under 2.5.X features):
Auto-populate End Times: X.
1 IC1396 Elephant Nebula…8:21p…7:30p…9:00p…Y…Y
2 LBN529 Cave Nebula…9:38p…9:00p…10:10p…Y…Y
3 NGC7000 North American…7:41p…10:10p…12:40a…Y…Y
4 NGC281 PacMan Nebula…11:35p…12:40a…2:30a…Y…Y
5 IC410 Tadpoles Nebula…4:04a…2:30a…4:20a…Y…Y
6 IC1805 Heart Nebula…1:15a…4:20a…6:10a…Y…Y


+1 for me on this. I’ve recently been doing a lot of mosaic work and it would be very nice to be able to import/combine a sequence with another.