Setting the Autofocus Sample Size in the Profile


For my setup, I have to reduce the AF-Sample Size in all my sequences from the default 100 to somewhere around 30. If I forget to do so, the AF-routine will not give me a nice and clean V-curve.

I would like to suggest to allow setting the Sample Size in the Profile.



I’m not sure what you mean, but you can set the autofocus step size and
number of data points in the equipment profile manager for all your


Hi Joel.

I mean the Autofocus Sample Size, not the Step Size.

To be reached under:

Tools -> Equipment Profile Manager -> Focus Tab -> then press the “Set” associated with “Use Autofocus”

Now the form “Auto Focus Options” opens.

On the down-right corner there is a panel titled “Star detection”. It contains a slider titled “Sample Size”. The slider is deactivated (grayed out) and set at 100 stars.

I would like to be able to change this default setting to a lower value. For the moment I must change it in the control panel, every time I setup a new sequence. If I then need to “Apply Profile to Sequence”, the setting is reset to the unchangeable profile-default of 100.



My bad Horia, I read your fist post too fast.


This is not supported. The equipment profile only saves options that can vary based on equipment. The settings to which you are referring applies to a target and not gear (meaning, for the same gear, these values might vary with target). That said, when you set the values for a target, they will be saved with the sequence so you don’t need to re-adjust when you continue the sequence.


Fair enough, how about putting in the global options?


That would be a very nice solution.


Ya, that seems reasonable.


While you are rearranging concepts for settings, perhaps you should take a look at the global settings. Would it make sense to move some or all of those global settings to a pseudo device tab on the device settings (perhaps called Global)? The advantage would be that they become part of the profile. I’ve not examined the global settings to see if it makes sense to move any of them but this idea for Sample Size would seem to fit naturally into a profile. Sample Size is related to the camera and the focuser so it is associated with equipment.