SGP 3.0 License


Today is my 45th day of owning Sequence Generator Pro v2.6.1.110

I installed SGP 3.0… and I think my license is valid. Do I need to pay extra for the Mosaic and Framing wizard and the Notification addon?

Haven’t even been able to use it once (all weather related).

Thanks in advance.


Hi, Dynan

All extra add-ons, including Framing & Mosaic Wizard, are now included in 3.x versions.


José Manuel


Thank you, Jose. Did I just make it under the wire for the upgrade, or are all 2.6.x versions qualified for the upgrade?


@Dynan, it looks like you purchased SGP3 on 7/20. Framing and Mosaic Wizard are included in SGP3.

Thank you,


What I had installed on 7/20 was The upgrade went perfectly yesterday.
No need to belabor the point. Thanks for your attention…and a great program.