SGP and PHD2


Hello all,
I have kind of a feature request I think…

Due to settings I have chosen, When I fire up a sequence, SGP opens up PHD2 and forces a re-calibration at every target change. This brings the PHD2 interface in front of SGP while it calibrates which is great as I can see what is going on with the calibration but it stays there forever. Once PHD2 is happy and control returns to SGP, is there any chance that SGP can be selected as the active application so PHD2 disappears behind, likewise, when PHD is called to do a re-calibration maybe SGP can make ‘IT’ the active app so it appears again, at this current time, PHD stays on screen covering up most of the SGP interface which is really annoying.

I use a tablet hooked up to my laptop via TeamViewer so I can periodically peer over and look what’s going on, I know I can select SGP to get PHD to drop behind on the tablet but SGP has a great interface so why shouldn’t she show herself whenever she can ???