SGP API Command To Open And Close Alnitak Flip-Flat

I use the SGP API to montior, connect, and disconnect devices. I cannot find a way to open or close the Alnitak flip-flat flatbox via API.

Do you already have this function built in? or is it something you would need to add?
I am running

We do not have a function for it. I believe triggering a light frame should open (it will through the UI, I just can’t recall how much of that path the API uses). We would have to add something to close it. Or if the open work around works then taking a short flat frame should also close it.


Thanks for the quick reply. I wrote external software that runs my remote observatory. It monitors/controls safety, roof, air conditioner, and power outlets. It is fully autonomous so if I loose remote control (internet connection), the observatory will be able to shutdown by itself. There are rain sensors, day light sensors, power outage sensors; which will trigger a roof close command and shutdown power to all equipment. I have been using this for a couple of years with no problems.

The new problem is that I have upgraded to a larger OTA. The OTA itself clears the roof in any position but when the flip-flat is open, it can collide with the roof if it is close quickly for safety.

I would like to send a close flip-flat API command before the roof close command is trigger to prevent the collision. Not sure how easy it would be to add to new release. If not, no big deal, I will figure out a work around. Taking a flat frame would be fine with me, but I would have to cancel current image/session, then somehow tell it to take a Flat Frame via API.

Nathan (Austin, TX)