SGP Control: Orion Parsec 8300C?


I know this camera is a bit ‘long in the tooth’ .
However it’s always worth an ask if the ‘Orion Parsec 8300C’ will have driver support in the near future,
or if there is another way round it so that it can be run via SGP?
I believe the Ascom functionality is rather ‘flakey’ on this camera however, so that may be an issue if I have to go that route. I am aware it runs via Maxim DL 5 however I want to stick with SGP if I can.
Any ideas/thoughts on this gratefully received.



It maybe worth contacting celestron about the camera driver if it is indeed flakey. It is unlikely that we will add native support for a camera when an ASCOM driver exists. Native support is costly in terms of our time and support. The best people to write driver support are generally the hardware vendors as they have complete control of everything at that point. Thus if they can’t make a decent driver for their hardware what chance do we have natively supporting it?



Why Celeston? It’s an Orion camera.


Found the ASCOM driver for it. Let us know if it works.


Because I read and replied via my phone while feeding a 7 month old :frowning:

Yes, contact Orion, not Celestron :slight_smile:



Thanks, will let you know if it works.


Understandable - thanks for replying - your right we can’t expect support for discontinued camera if even the Manufacturers will no longer support them.
Thanks for replying - complete with babe in arms!



Parsec driver installed under ascom 6.1 , now visible in SGP - Looking good houston!
Thanks :smile:


Glad we could help :smile: