SGP froze (ver 435) when trying to cancel autofocus routine


SGP froze (ver 435) when trying to cancel autofocus routine

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SGP froze when tried to cancel an autofocus rountine last night. I believe the SGP status message at that point was something like “waiting for guiding to settle”. PHD2 seemed to be guiding fine at the time. Tried stopping and restarting PHD2. There didn’t seem to be any ‘hidden’ windows. After a while (10-15 min?) had to Task Mgr force close SGP.

Not sure if any relevant info will be available in linked log but it was the only log available to post. Happened around 6pm ('ish).

Could be just random occurrence but thought I would post anyway in case there might be useful info in the log.

Restarted SGP and rest of evening went without a hitch.

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.8

I think you sent the “current session” logs. The issue likely occurred on the one before current session.

Thanks @Ken.
At the time, using the Helpdesk Report-a-Problem function (which is really cool by the way), there didn’t seem to be anything else from that day (or any day going back for weeks which is how long it’s been since last clear night). However, checking now there are two other small logs in the folder. I will send to you via your support email.