SGP-Paramount Mx-Starlight Xpress SX-36 problem


I recently configured my system to use SGP for control of my Paramount MX (non +) SkyX system.
System hardware: Paramount MX, C11 edge, Sharpsky pro (moonlight focuser), Starlight Xpress maxi wheel with OAG (loadstar X2) , SX-36 camera.

Using; SKY X latest version, Windows 10 latest update, SGP, PHD2 latest, SB Ascom driver and SLX Ascom driver for SX & loadstar Cameras.

After configuring the system I attempted to image M1 and experienced a problem whereby SGP reported the sequence was complete after finishing the Auto focus routine. I repeatedly reset the sequence 6 times and tried to collect images of M1 to no avail.

Sequence of events; Start run and mount slews to target, camera images and plate solves the target (I did have to increase the attempt to centre error to 150 pixels before it completed), Autofocus runs and completes a nice V curve, Guider running, SGP reports sequence complete without even one image being captured when the sequencer has 5 events configured for LRGB, Ha.

After 6 attempts initiating a new sequence with profile for the same 5 events and experiencing the same outcome I lost the sky and gave up.

Anyone have a similar experience?
Why might I get images from main camera for platesolve and autoguide then nothing for the sequencer events and then SGP to report sequence complete?
Is there a way I can run a full auto sequence during the day with telescope covers on to investigate further?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance, Martin


Did you have active targets and events? You can also reset the sequence from the sequence menu as well.



Hi Jared,

Yes, I had 5 active events ticked in the sequence window and the target was ticked in the target section. I have had no problem with my other separate observatory system.

As I stated the programme reported the sequence complete just after completing the autofocus routine.

Thanks Martin


I recall I attempted a restart of the complete system Including PC reboot. There is some clear sky forecast for Thursday, will retry then and use the sequence restart with progress preserved if necessary.



Can you attach the sequence and a log from an attempt?



Hi Jared,

Will do once the Sky clears.


Hi Jared,

Sorry for the slow response, I have struggled with clear skies to test the system.
The problem appeared to have been some form of file corruption. A fresh reinstall of the software and every thing works fine now.
May I take this opportunity to say thank you for your excellent SGP programme and first rate support, it has undoubtedly helped me to improve my imaging process.

Kindest regards