SGP/PHD2 fire-up with common guider/imaging camera maker

Hi folks - does anyone out there use a common camera maker for their guider/imager and have SGP start a sequence and connect to everything automatically, including PHD2?

In particular I am interested in QHY cameras. I have set up the camera selection and ASCOM settings for each application but the system gets confused about which of the QHY cameras to use for each, even though PHD2 selects from guider and SGP from imager.

This may purely be an ASCOM driver issue (also posted on PHD2 forum).

If you successfully use dual QHY cameras and automatically run a sequence, I would love to hear from you.

I use an ASI1600mPro & ASI120m, with no issues. In PHD2, for camera config, there is a selector, so choose the correct camera and save that as the ‘defined’ equipment list. It should then select the same camera each time…

Cheers - I just got it to work by letting SGP handle everything. It got confused when I tried to fire up PHD2 ahead of SGP. That must be it, or there would be many more queires.