SGP Says Sequence Complete For New Sequence


I have been using SGP since Dec 2018 and I cannot get a sequence to start and run correctly without a lot of trying to resume, etc multiple times. I make a new sequence, I add new targets to existing sequences but most often it starts on the assigned time, slews to target, plate solves and centers, autofocuses and then says the sequence is complete when it hasn’t even started. It makes no difference if I use the Framing and Mosaic tool to create the target in the sequence or if I manually create the sequence. I know my profiles are correct, all equipment settings are correct and when it works, I get beautiful results. The problem is it is too frustrating most of the time. Can anyone provide any help? Thanks in advance.


I am new to astrophotography and consequently to SGP Pro. I faced the same problem. I found out that I forgot to “check” the events in the sequence. And as a consequence SGP thought that the sequence was finished the moment it started.


Yes, that will do it. I have the events all checked and it still says sequence is finished. I try having a sequence with a single target and sometimes it will work if I manually start the sequence and not use a start time. But most often after it starts the first target and centers and focuses it says the sequence is finished. I have no idea why.



Hi, I had the exact same thing happen with my new system setup a couple of nights ago. My other system has been running SGP for the last 9 months with no problems.


Are you reusing sequences that have already been ran or completed? If you encounter this you can reset the sequence state under the Sequence menu. Reset Sequence (Preserve Progress) will remove any target “stickyness” but will keep any progress.