SGP with PHD2


I am using SGP since two months, i managed to have it work with MicroTouch autofocuses but I can’t let it work together with PHD2.
In SGP - Tools - Equipment Profile Manager - Auto Guide - I choose PHD and then settings.
Then I get this; "Timeout Could not refresh PHD2 profiles, please try again.

I did make a PHD profile and exported into de PHD program folder and to the ‘documents’ folder where the log files are saved.

Who knows the solution?
with regards Ad



Which version of PHD2 are you using? As I understand it, SGP can only import PHD2 profiles from PHD2 versions 2.5dev7 (I think) or greater. If you update to the latest release of PHD2, it should solve your problem.



I use PHD2 Guiding 2.5.0 I will try to download a higher version.
Thanks in advance,


Hi Tim
I see there is already version 2.6.1
thanks a lot!


That should fix the issue.




Hi Ad,
The latest version is 2.6.1dev1.