SGPro 2.4b loses Frame and Mosaic images from 2.3 sequences


Loading a pre-configured v2.3 sequence into v2.4b loses the associated images that were created by the Frame & Mosaic add-on. I had backed up my original 2.3 installation and then installed v2.4b into the same directory, I then attempted to load the original sequences that were still in that directory.




Do you, by chance have an unmodified 2.3 sequence with a mosaic image attached? I can create one if you don’t, but I would rather see what you are seeing.



I can’t check it without re-installing v.2.3, so I’ve just uploaded the biggest file (on the assumption there are lots on images in there!). There will be multiple targets+images in this sequence.




Thanks very much. I was able to locate the issue, but… I don’t think we are going to be able to save 2.3 sequence images in 2.4. The underlying sequence file management system is just too different. Right now saving reference images from 2.3 sequences is not super high on the priority list, BUT if there is a rallying cry from the community at large, we will do what we can to rectify the situation.

Sorry for any inconvenience,