SGPro 3.0 and other changes


SGPro 3.0 and other changes:

More Major Releases

We are working to provide more major releases of SGPro! SGPro, going forward, will release somewhere around one major, cost-bearing, release per year. It is important to note that we are not moving to a subscription based system! Once you buy SGPro, you own it and can use it forever. Incurring the cost of an upgrade means that you get new features and bug fixes.

No More Addons

Starting with SGPro 3.0, we intend on collapsing the current add-on system and including all of it within SGPro for the same $99 cost.

These changes, rightfully, generate some questions:

The version of SGPro I own is not the most current, but it has a bug. Will it get fixed?

The short answer is: No. Any remaining fixes will be addressed in the next major release of SGPro. That said, if we deem the bug to be significant with respect to the core of SGPro’s operation, we will, at our discretion, issue a fix for a previous version of SGPro.

I already paid for addons and now you are including them for the same price, what’s the deal?

We realize this will be a sticking point for some folks and we would like to make sure that nobody feels slighted. So… if you paid for addons, we will deduct the full price of that addon from the cost of the next major release of SGPro (meaning, the Mosaic and Framing wizard will reduce your upgrade price by $39 (USD) and the Notification addon will reduce your upgrade price by $19 (USD).

I just paid for SGPro right before you released an upgrade! What’s the deal with that?

It’s no problem. New purchases made with 45 days of a release will be upgraded at no cost. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide expected release dates in order to better time the purchase of SGPro.

What will you charge for an upgrade?

This will vary from release to release, but you can assume that the cost of SGPro or its subsequent releases will not deviate too far from the current price.

Upgrade to 3.0 Path?
Version 2.6 vs. 3.0

It’s about time! SGP is the most ridiculously under-priced piece of software I’ve ever bought!

Thanks Ken and Jared.

– Shane


I am with Shane on this. I am more than willing to pay more for the wonderful work you’re doing. SGP has changed my whole approach to collecting images.



Thanks for the support. While we make no promises, we would like to consider the possibility of tending to SGPro full time. Our current model simply does not allow for that possibility.


I am with Kor and Robert, every time I use SGP I am amazed at the functionality available and the low cost.


Any cash that heads towards the Dev’s is cash well spent…bring it on guys, my cash will always be yours…SGP is a killer application, second to none woooo hoooooo


SGP Developers:

Like others have already said, I would be quite willing to pay for major upgrades. This is a standard practice in the software industry, and the extra support will help the development team focus even more on SGP. I’m impressed that you did not implement this sooner as I was fully expecting it long before now!

I recommend that you consider a price structure that costs new SGP versions according to the user’s current paid version. For example, a new user would pay full price, of course, as would a user whose current version is, say, two or more major upgrades behind. However, a user with a current licensed copy of the previous major version would pay a reduced price, even a modestly reduced price. I suggest this because users would be even more incentivized to keep SGP up-to-date. Users would have the freedom to not upgrade and keep their current versions, however with the understanding that should they wish to upgrade in the future they would pay full price at that time. This again appears to be a standard practice.

Now, I would willingly keep mine up-to-date, full price or not, of course, because I know that major and even minor upgrades would likely have little pleasant surprises in them that I didn’t even know I wanted but soon can’t live without.

Best wishes to you, and I really do hope you can transition SGP into more full time work through these changes.

Best Regards,


I am glad to hear about the new business model. I really want to still be using SGP in 2027!



This suggestion is pretty much the model we’ll be following. The base price will stay at the $99 for new users and the upgrade price (for users a single version back) will be something less than $99, price to be determined.

We want you to be using it then too!

Thanks for your support!


Fully behind you on this one. I think you underestimate just how good SGP is in practice and extremely good value for money. The approach is fair and considerate too.


OK, in my usual blunt fashion, here is my .02…

I too generally support this move. I would add a couple caveats:

We do not see annual “price creep” significantly in excess of inflation w/o introduction of correspondingly big features. I can see going to $105, then $115, etc. but not to $200, then $400, etc.

Hopefully we see two camera support at or before the price increase.

I agree that the SW is under priced right now. I would also say that many of the comparable alternative programs are at least as much overpriced, given the comparative feature sets.

Finally, this is not a cheap hobby and if $100 every year or two is too much, maybe a cheaper hobby is in order because you probably also cannot afford decent equipment.


Of course you know that I am 100% behind this. As others have said we want SGP to be around for a very long time and this model supports that effort.

I am not trying to add any pressure, but if you guys can produce a high quality product as part-timers…well, I’m anxious to see what would happen with a full time effort. I for one am sincerely hoping that you both can get to full-time level with this. In fact, I would be quite jealous!


I’ve mentioned in the past you guys should increase your charges in some way, so I certainly support this move. Most of us spend thousands of dollars on hardware and should be prepared to spend a hundred now and then to control that hardware.


I look forward to helping to pay for the continuing work and support for SGP. SGP is the least expensive and yet one of the most important parts of my imaging kit.

(I’ve worked for most of my career in the IT world, so the notion of paying for support, one way or another, only makes sense to me. Bring it on.)



Hi Ken,
Think this is more than reasonable change/upgrade. I for one will still be supporting you. Thank you and Jared for the great software and continuing support you give.
Kind regards,
Bob Sayer


I don’t feel much for this approach to be honest. Depending on how much an upgrade is though. It’s probably because I can’t find anything useful to add, maybe dual/multiple rig. Besides that I can’t think of anything big…

For small updates like bug fixes or driver updates, that kind of stuff, I don’t want to pay more than 20 to 30 Dollar. For bigger upgrades perhaps a bit more, depending on the functionality. But probably not more than 40 to 50 Dollar.

Also I feel more for a plugin kind of set up. I don’t want to pay for things I don’t need. The framing and mosaic plugin is a good example. The people that like it, buy it. People that have multiple rigs buy the multi-instance plugin if they want. Etcetera etcetera


What a wonderfully elitist comment, who the hell do you think you are to tell someone to get out of a hobby if they don’t support this new price model.

Comments like “because you probably also cannot afford decent equipment.” are BS.


I’m in full agreement with zwik. I don’t see the need for anything else major in SGP, and i’ve never felt the need to purchase the add-ons. As it is I don’t use filter wheels or autofocusers either but they are part of the core bundle.

I say let them who want an additional feature pay for it through software unlocks.

Having said all that, I’d be willing to pay up to 25% for a yearly upgrade, but likely not more than that.

Switching to this price model smells of a reduction in sales year over year, and this is an effort to keep the cash coming in.


He did say he was going to be blunt, but perhaps a little too blunt!
The comment does sound rather arrogant and a little Trump esk. :astonished:



I think you hit the nail on the head there. Fake Astronomy. Sad.