SGPro 3.0 and other changes


I’ve been using 3.0.2 for a week or so now and it has been pretty stable. My setup runs all night every night it’s clear (and in California that appears to be nearly every day, thank you lucky stars).

One thing I’d like to see is an easier way to orchestrate start/stop times, and generally organize how a sequence transpires. Rather than right clicking, and selecting the bottom menu option for every item in my sequence (My current sequence has probably 20 or so objects in it) I’d like to be able to edit it all in some sort of table or gui.

I’ll update to 3.0.3 since that’s out. Thanks for all your hard work! I love the recovery mode, although I don’t have it come up that often thank goodness!


I find myself in the same position that Harry has been in. I have previously been a Maxim DL (6.11) user and have been having problems over guiding with an SX camera. Maxim want me to purchase a new full license which I feel is unjustified. I purchased SGP back in 2016 well before my issues with Maxim started, but am now beginning to get further up the SGP learning curve and don’t feel the need to go back to Maxim.
In some ways I feel that a smaller annual fee to keep a version ‘bug free’ would be a consideration. Then if I felt that ‘My Version’ was being left behind and the gizmos in the new version were a requirement then I could purchase a new version.


Hi Jared, Ken

First of all, thanks for a great software!

Regarding the SGP 3.0 version, will there be any new API features? I’m particularly interested in being able to load and start sequences remotely using the API server.

Thanks for you response!


FWIW I too, gave up Maxim DL. It persistently refused to use my SX guider properly to guide. It always collected the hot pixels and guided on the brightest - every time! Darks and calibration etc made no difference. I had specialist help from their staff but even then it would not work. Eventually I dropped Maxim DL and moved to PHD2 which has continued to work flawlessly and very well with SGP.

Lawrence Harris


I was unaware that 3.0 was going to be a totally new release that would require an additional charge. I purchased SGP about a year ago. I just noticed after the upgrade that I am now on a 45 day trial basis. If I choose NOT to upgrade and pay the cost, will I still have access to Rel 2.6? If I do stay with it, what is the cost for current SGP customers to upgrade to this latest release?



NEVER MIND. I found the link on the mainsequencesoftware site.