SGPro does not slew scope after solve


After solving a frame neither plate solve 2 nor Sg-Pro slew to the corrected position. If i am tracking a star in Ioptron commander or another program i have to resend the goto command. I am not sure if this is by design? Shouldn’t it be Solve/Sync/Slew ? instead of a manual step?



PS: it does slew the correction after using center here…but that is a totally unnecessary step.


How are you dong the plate solve? It sounds like you are doing a stand alone plate solve in the Plate Solve control panel?
If you right click on the target in the sequence window and select “Center on Target”, SGP will Solve/Sync/Slew. What I do is right click on the target and select “Slew to Target” to get the scope in the neighborhood followed by a “Center on Target”


On the docking module named scope centering. I am also speaking about the initial plate solve as i am not aligning the scope with the hand controller. Please advise if i am doing something wrong. Thanks!


If we at talking about the Plate Solve panel, here is what the help file says it does:

Solve and Sync: Captures an image and then syncs the telescope to that location .
Blind Sync: Performs a Solve and Sync using the Astrometry.NET blind web solver (Internet connection required.
Abort: Stops the Solve and Sync or Blind Sync process.

You will notice that it does not say anything about Slewing

The references to centering on the plate solve window setup the conditions for the “Center On Target” menu from the right click on the target.


OK so is there anyway to do the initial solve and have sg-pro not only send the correct ra/dec to the mount but to also command the mount to slew. There is no way its going to be right on target. Does this make sense?

The initial solve should be solve /sync /slew to corrected model.


Right click on the target in the Sequence window and select one of the menus shown by the arrows.


Thanks for your help. Got it now.