SGPro say the sequence is running but no flats were taken


I am an astrophotography beginner (only first bias and dark taken, no image still) but fifteen years as visual observer.
As small diameter refractors (80mm and now 127mm) good for double stars, planets and Moon but many deep sky objects very weak and I try astrophoto to be able to see more but totally different hobby as strong knowledge in IT needed and very complicated to make all these hardware and soft effectively running each time without problem.

I have a ES 127mm CF refractor with 3" 0.7x reducer/field flattener (resultant focal=666mm) or only with F/F(952mm),
a SBIG STT-8300 camera with a self-guiding FW8G-STT, a 3" Feather Touch focuser with BOSS II electronic focusing
and a 10Micron GM1000HPS mount. These hardware are remotely (40m backyard) linked and commanded via my local network(RJ45-Cat6-1 Gigabit Netgear GS108T switch in observatory) on Windows 7 64 bits extended edition (PC station Precision Dell). I have the SkyX, SGPro version, PHD Guiding 2 version 2.5.0, Visual PinPoint 6.0.1 with PinPoint engine 6.0.5, PixInsight softs.

SGPro version was installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sequence Generator\ on 4 FEB 2016 14:53:41 (GMT+1)
At the beginning of opening SGPro, in the frame C:\Windows\SysWOW64\netsh.exe
i received always the message “incorrect parameter” but apparently the program can run.

I use 2 times SGPro to take darks(13 exposures x 50 repeat) and bias (50). No problem.
I open the software and after power ON the mount and the other hardware (camera, FW, Focuser). I connected all the hardware apparently without problem (green buttons).
I prepare the sequence(flats, different filters,exposure, repeat), check Run for each line and Run Sequence, try several times to take flats (7 filters x 50). Hardware connected, Sequence begin but without any result or any message of error. I must abort.

  1. Is it better to power ON the hardware before or after open the software for connection devices in the soft ? or does not matter.
  2. For the sequence not functioning, here below the link for the log file:
    Thanks in advance for your help,


It does not matter. Of course, the device must be powered on prior to connecting. This is all the matters.

Sorry, the log you attached shows no attempt to start a sequence. If it did you would always (even on catastrophic failure) see this line in the logs:

[2/6/2016 3:45:22 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Dispatch loop: Received SGM_RUN_SEQUENCE…


Thanks for your response. OK sorry I have an explanation: I make an error: exposure was equal to 0.00 !
Now as I cannot take flats during the day, I only try to take one dark of 1 sec exposure.
I look at the log and I effectively see now the line
[DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Dispatch loop: Received SGM_RUN_SEQUENCE…

but no image was register.

I sent you link to a print screen image where you can see at the end of the frame " Running sequence…" and after elapsed time 3:56 but nothing happen. The camera cooler indicate -40.0 from the beginning I launch the sequence and all linked hardware are green before launching sequence.

Do you have an idea of what happen ?


Yes, your filter wheel is reporting that it is moving… SGPro is waiting for it to stop, but it never does. Not sure why. Is it cold where you image?

  1. Temp 5°C Camera -40°C during the trial
  2. Today, Temp 2.8°C Camera -40°C I check the functioning of the change of filter with SBIG filter wheel with SBIG CCDOps soft and take manually several images with different filters -->OK. I shut down CCDOps
  3. After that, I use SGPro and take a sequence with 5sec dark image with no problem. I will this evening try some sequence with flats
  4. I remark that if I power ON first hardware and after I use SGPro, the connection of equipment (camera,FW) always failed
  5. I don’t know why but to be sure to always have hardware well connected, I must first open CCDOps and SGPro, Power ON all my hardware, connected the camera with Misc\Graph\Comm Setup autodetect function of CCDOps and shut down CCDOps and after that, if I use in SGPro Tools\Connect all equipement camera, filter wheel and mount connected well but not the BossII FT focuser. To have the focuser connected I must first in SGPro frame push on the black button(right of focuser) to be able to first access the Focuser Hub Setup ,refresh the IP of the focuser and push connected and OK; After that I push in SGPro the red button–>green. There is probably a problem with the attribution of IP but I do not know how I can solve it.


I remark also this morning that in the setup of filters I put the name none for the 8th position of filters. I don’t know if it can interfere in the soft with the None (column filter of the event) and can give an order of moving to the filter wheel(?)–>
Probably there is no influence but to avoid any confusion, I change the name to No before doing my successful trial( in 3) )