SGPro v2.5.1.8 Failed to Park Scope and Dome after Star Loss


It looks like the guide star was lost around 2:38 this morning. I checked the OBS shortly after 4:00 am and found the scope still tracking but well into the trees. SGPro had not shut down, and the scope and dome were not in the park position.
This is the first time this has happened since I began having SGPro do the parking (several versions back). Until last night the software had done this well regardless of whether the stoppage was from a completed sequence or a lost star.
FWIW, this is the first time I used version The most recent runs prior to last night were with version And I’ve never used Sequence Recovery.

I appreciate your thoughts on what may have happened. Thanks,

Here is the Dropbox link.

EDIT: I see in your release this may be relevant to your bullet no. 4.


Just a thought…What amount of time do you allow recovery? If you have
recovery set to try for 90min (the default) and the guide star was lost at
2:38, then recovery would not have parked the scope until 4:08am or a bit
later. Once entering recovery mode I’m not sure if end times as part of
the target are honored. Did you have a target end time, or sequence end
time set?


Thanks Joel,

Recovery was not switched on – I’ve never used it. So I was surprised to see it mentioned (see one of the screen shots).



Well that’s strange. Have there been times in the past where SGP parked the mount after the guide star was lost, when recovery was disabled?I don’t know what happens with recovery disabled, whether the mount should park or not. If the sequence doesn’t complete and recovery is disabled I would expect the mount to just keep tracking since the sequence never completes. But I could be wrong about that; I just don’t know. Sorry I can’t be more help.


Yep. Since I began using those features (Park Telescope when Sequence completes, and Park Observatory with Mount), all worked as expected.
As mentioned, this was true with either the Sequence being completed or if it was aborted due to guide star loss. The scope and dome would dutifully return to Park (Home) position.
Last night was a new one on me. I’ve never run into a “recovery” mode and I’m hopeful this is a small bug in version 8, and not the way things are intended to be.



Well that makes sense, if SGP aborted the sequence then it should park. But SGP didn’t seem to abort. I’m not good at interpreting the logs, but it clearly states “attempting to recover the sequence (attempt 1)” and then there’s some plate solving as if it’s trying to restart and get back on target. That happens again. So it looks to me like recovery was trying to work even if you had not enabled it. Ken and Jared will have to take a look at this point.



Thx for the report. This bug has been addressed and will be tested in beta


Thanks Ken, that’s good to hear. This one was really worrying me.

Joel, I appreciate your sticking with me on this. Good work!



Version returned the scope and dome parking back to normal.
Thanks a lot for your good effort.