SGPro with two cameras


I would like to know if SGPro would work fine and properly with the ASI071MC-pro and also if SGPro can work at the same time with the Sbig SG-4 as autoguiding and the ASI to take pictures.


Hi Typhoon,

I can confirm that and even more: in september 2017 I could work with 3 camera’s parallel in SGpro ( 3 SGPro instances at the same time ), it worked like a charm for a whole week every night 7-8 hours. One of the camera’s was my ASI071MC pro. It was not even a very capable PC ( Windows 10 with core i5 processor),



If you do a search for “multi camera” you will find many references to the use of multiple cameras with SGP. Probably all of these are referring to 2 or more cameras with 2 or more scopes, all taking images at the same time. In addition, each will probably has an additional camera for guiding. Works beautifully with 2 or more copies of SGP running, 1 copy for each scope/camera. I have run as many as 3 scopes on the same mount, all taking images, plus the guide camera for a total of 4 cameras all taking images.
The caveat with 2 or more image cameras is you should not dither, since that messes up the image being taken with the non-dithering scopes. You then must rely on the Cosmetic Correction routine a PI to fix the hot pixels, which actually works quite well.