Signal PHD2 to select guide star after auto-focus


In my quest to automate more and more, I am almost to the point of simply turning everything on, starting SGP and pressing the run sequence button.

Currently, however, SGP “resumes” the autoguider before the auto-focus run, meaning that my guide star is chosen before I get a good focus and often ends up being a sub-optimal guide star after the auto-focus. The work-around, of course, is to run an auto-focus before I start the sequence.

Would it be possible to add an option to have SGP signal PHD2 to auto-choose the guide star after auto-focus completes? Especially for initial auto-focus when the sequence starts, but possibly even after each auto-focus event.

Does this make sense, or am I missing something again!

  • Shane

Edit: typos!

FEATURE REQUEST: autofocus before Autoguider starts