Simeis 147

I want to add more Ha to this one. Data was gathered in extremely high humidity and it was no easy task to bring an image out that I was willing to make public. So - not finished yet but I need a break from working on this…I think as is, it will be acceptable for now.



Looks amazing to me. I would love to do this one, but my large FOV camera is color. Need more equipment. This is such a large target. What is your hardware for this?

This is done with FLI ML16200 camera on Tak FSQ130ED. I too had this on my ‘to do’ list for such a long time and when I got a larger chip camera decided to go with it. I was shocked to see that I still needed to do a mosaic - it really is such a large (& weak) object.
I started this a month ago - but the weather conditions have been terrible and the data is not so good (It is very noisy). Like I said, I am going to leave it for a while and move to something else - it is good enough now for a first draft. I will come back to it again when I can add clean data without struggling each night.

I saw this image on Flickr too. Very impressive ! How large is this object? Are you in a dark location ?

Thanks Stephan. No, this is from a semi-urban area. For that reason most of my images are NB images. The bulk of the data here is NB (Ha) with and just hour each RGB in each panel. I have since got some more Ha data and will try to make another effort - to finally ‘put this one to bed’. (For info, the above shot had 6 hours Ha & 1 hour each RGB in each panel).

As for size……this from :

Center (RA, Dec): (84.996, 27.963)
Center (RA, hms): 05h 39m 59.005s
Center (Dec, dms): +27° 57’ 45.423"
Size: 4.07 x 3.27 deg
Radius: 2.610 deg
Pixel scale: 1.9 arcsec/pixel

One word. WOW.
The delicacy is wonderful. thanks for sharing

Thanks Buzz.

I have just now put a later (final - this year anyway) up on my web site:

You can click on that one for a higher resolution - but even that is way smaller than the full resolution image.

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