Slew to or center on target without meridian flip?


Hi SGP developers,

Is it possible in the future release, allowing the user to decide and select a meridian flip when slew to or center on a target just pass the meridian?

e.g. the system detects there is a flip required for slew to the target, the pop up box can show 3 choices to the user: 1. Go ahead the flip (default), 2. Cancel, 3. Slew to the target without the flip

I am using Takahashi Temma mount which can image across meridian for 1-2 hours. This feature can help to reduce the overhead time in the field when I am quite sure there is no physical constraint in the setup for the next hours, mainly for mobile setup where time is important to us and I am not doing unattended whole night imaging compare with a remote robotic setup.

Thank you for your consideration.




Probably not… there are a couple problems with this:

  • SGPro is designed for automated imaging. Adding mid-sequence user choices has never been very high on the priority list.
  • The bigger problem is that, for half the mounts, we can’t control if a slew or flip is executed… SGPor just issues the command and the mount driver decides what happens.

Thanks for the idea though… we do enjoy user feedback.


Hi Ken,

Thank you, and now I understand more the constraint in the second point.