Start dithering after PEC record finalized in EQMOD


Hello All - Since I have to breakdown and set up my imaging gear each session, the first 40 minutes post-PHD2 calibration is usually spent recording a PEC curve in EQMOD. Unfortunately dithering isn’t recommended when PEC is recording. Is there a way, perhaps with a script, to start to start a sequence with guiding active, no dithering, and PEC recording and have dithering activated automatically once the PEC recording is finished 40 minutes later?

Currently I get everything on-target and guiding started, start recording the PEC, go inside for a bit and then go outside and start the sequence manually. I could also start the sequence immediately with dithering off then go back outside and turn it back on manually after PEC records. Both those scenarios involve staying up 40 or more minutes later to go back outside and push a button. Not a big deal but I’m an early riser during the work week and it adds up. I have tried saving the PEC curve for future use, always park/unpark and only manually move after clutches are loosened but still have issues successfully applying previously recorded curves.

Thanks in advance.


You could set “Start Capture at” on your target to be after you expect the PEC recording to be finished.


I can’t believe that it hadn’t crossed my mind to do that. That’s exactly what I need to do for now. Thanks!

In the long-term, it would be great to image during that time too. My exposures are generally in the 3-5 minute range so that’s 7-10 images once settling, image download and the rest is factored in. For now it isn’t a huge deal because I get the feeling that the local light pollution decreases in the time period (9:30-10:30pm CST) that I’m recording PEC this time of year.