Start Stop planning


Would be nice if target time was overlayed on the planning area of each target.

So, If i’m imaging 2 targets on an evening, I can see a visual representation of how long Target 1 and Target 2 would take based on the current sequence characteristics. Of course, there is a 10-20% or so overage to account for upload times, guider settling, filter changes, etc.

In the uiploaded image, I have two targets. I am currently inside of planning for Target 2 (M16). Target one will start earlier in the evening and last the duration of the green bar (gradient to red represents the overage time). The purple vertical represents the hard stop time I’ve entered for target 1 to ensure Target 2 starts on time if there is some issue completing Target 1.

Taret 2 (M16) appears as a green bar also with gradient. It starts on the Startime I’ve specified, has estimated time, a little overage, and a hard stop (purple line) where I absoutely want to end the sequence and park the scope.