STF-8300m not reporting temperature


Hey Guys,

I’m trying to get my STF-8300m to talk to SGP. The camera connects alright, but the temperature consistently displays as “NA”. Also, I cannot use the “Set” or “Go” buttons for temperature adjustment as they are greyed out.

My camera is running the latest SBIG firmware and my computer has the latest drivers; could that be the issue?


I’d appreciate an official response here: SBIG compatibility is a feature of SGP. I havent purchased yet but will if my camera works properly.



If you can post your SGP logs we can take a look. I don’t have an STF-8300 to test with but things are working well with my STL-11000 with the latest drivers.



Thanks Jared, good call! I checked the log and it said that there was an error because the driver was not open. I went into Windows device manager and re-selected the appropriate SBIG camera driver. Seems to be working now, however sometimes it seems to spontaneously disconnect and give an error about the driver not being open.