Stymied by the new zip format


Must be something I’m missing here, but with you seem to have implemented a new way of zipping the file that I’ve been unable to crack. Used to be that I just unzipped the older SGP downlaod to a folder then ran the Setup file in the folder. Now when I download I get and no matter how I try to unzip I’m not getting an exe file to run. If I double-click on the file Windows says it cannot open the folder because it’s invalid. If I just say to extract all it tells me that the zipped folder is empty. If I use 7-zip to try to extract it, I get a message that the Destination folder already contains processed file and asks me if I’d like to replace the existing file (this is in an empty directory with no existing files).

How do I unzip and run the new files?


It’s not a zip. It’s an exe. You can remove the .zip from it. I’m guessing you’re running Windows 10? I had something similar happen where it would replace the extension of everything I downloaded. Seems to have been fixed in a recent windows update.



Ah, never occurred to me that my browser was adding the .zip extension. Not Windows 10 though, I’m using Firefox in Windows 7 - never seen this behaviour before. Anyway, stripped off the .zip and the .exe file installed without incident. Need to run the 2.5 beta because I have an Atik 383L and have the cool down issue. Thanks for the help.


Hi Jared, I am having the same problem and followed your instructions but still receiving message that file is invalid. I am using windows 7 with firefox. I even tried using a different pathway but cannot pass the invalid message.


Finally found what the problem was and able to rectify the mistake in downloading the new software. The problem was my computer chose to open up the zip file using 7 Zip Console which is just a basic c command package. I have referred any zip file to one of the two 7 zip applications and glad to report that I can successfully download the setup. zip files.