Support for Lacerta MGEN


There have already been requests to support the Lacerta MGEN in the past but since 2015 there is no update about this feature.
Is there a chance for support of this great autoguider this year? I really miss it in SGP and I can image I am not the only one.

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When you say support, I assume you mean dithering?

We are certainly not opposed to adding support for this guider, we just barely ever see any requests for it (maybe 2 or 3 in as many years). I am not familiar with this guider, but it seems like there may be a viable usage scenario in SGPro using the “Direct Mount Guider” option. A tighter integration is certainly preferable. A quick search does not show any documentation around communication protocols with the guider. If anyone knows where to find this stuff, please let us know.


The communication protocol details can be provided by LACERTA (the manufacturer of MGEN II) and they seem to be quite happy to do it. Contact information can be found here . Lajos and Tommy are quite active in European forums (e.g. the one at

If you look around one can see that the MGEN II is supported by INDI and APT. The INDI implementation can be found here - - the sources state that Tommy ( helped the INDI guys to create the implementation even. I’d like to see that in SGP as well, since I like the tooling of SGP and ASCOM better.


A friend of mine and myself also like to have the MGEN integrated. This is needed for us to use our mobile setup. Where we don´t use the CCD Guider as it is fixed in the normal setup at home.

Would be really appreciated!

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I’m looking at adding support for the MGEN. However it will really limit what you can do in SGP. For instance all you’ll be able to do is dither. This means that auto center, meridian flips, multiple targets, etc will not be functional.



Hi Jared,

speaking at least for me, the lack of that feature (sending a dithering command to the MGEN between images) is stopping me from purchasing and using SG Pro.
But I guess that I am not alone. This stand-alone guider is very popular in Europe.

Thanks for actively considering this feature,


The point being made is that SGP can do far more than this device will allow. The tighter integration of other guide packages allows greater external control from any imaging application.

On MGENs webpage, it lists similar restrictions for Maxim DL too (basically dithering only).

More interestingly, it mentions there is more to come. If they expand the API to allow more external control, then that might allow SGP to use it like any other guider package.