Telescope GoTo Coordinate Input?


Hi all, yesterday I start my first try with plate solve and this stuff. Ok, I’m newbe, but am I blind, too? I couldn’t find any way for input GoTo coordinates, where the telescope shall slew to. Or isn’t that possible in SGP? But there is “telescope” Connection, there are two ways of solve, target position and such more.
Please, open my eyes, and help me to find the solution! Is ist possible to do GoTo with telescope in SGP???
Thanks a lot…
Oh, one another point: when I use “Start” to 2x2 images for focus and find position,man can not turn off the crosshairs. After each recording it is back on. Is there a way to turn it completely out?
( but the first question is much more importend…:slight_smile:


First question: SGP Help Focusing | Setting Focus and Target Positions.
Second question: SGP Help Modules | Frame and Focus


Hi Wacky, welcome to the club.

SGP’s functionality all centers around the sequence, which is intended to be fully automated. There is no “manual” mode that allows just using the functionality in a “one shot” mode. Even the functionality that will look up a target and get you the coordinates will only do so to create a new sequence. Thus, to use the targeting function (slew or center) you must first put the target into a sequence and either make it the active target or right click and select the slew (mount seek) or center (seek and plate solve iteration) functions on that target.

Hope that helps!



Hi Beo, first many thanks for the detailed answer. I will see if
I understood all correct…:slight_smile:


Thank you, Beo!!! It works all very well!!! :-)))) It is
possible to input coordinates and slew to the given position. Man
should only look, that “Telescope Target” has the actual telescope
position (set)

Very fine…


Glad you got it going. Enjoy!