Temperature Polling Interval


Hey Jared,

I am curious about how often the code is polling for the temperature. I found that with a CCD attached and a cooler running, that there was a TON of traffic from your code, and it was so heavy to the point of causing interrupt challenges with a Surface Touchpad literally stopping to function (also a USB bus device). That would only be possible on a dual-core Skylake if you were flooding the bus with requests.

Can you look at this interval and drop it down a bit? The only software that causes this problem is SGP.


We poll the CCD temp about once per second. That should, in no way, even get close to saturating the slowest buss on your system, A LPT port should be able to handle that poll rate with ease. Most audio devices have a (low) sampling frequency of 44khz at 32bit So a 1hz sample rate (at likely a good deal less than 32 bit) should be near nothing.



I think it was a bug in a Windows Insider build. It no longer happens.