Trouble shooting super dangerous loop and other issues


First semi-successful sequence run with SGP last night, however, it hung a few times without the image completing download.

log file says “entering super dangerous loop” and then times out.

Restarting SGP seems to clear the problem, and “take one” on the focus tab with 1x1 bining downloads fine (with the autoguider running).

Other than USB congestion, I don’t know what the problem might be. Plenty of hard disk space. SSAG guide camera doesn’t have sub frames so I can’t do that, but with guide exposure times of 2 seconds I wouldn’t expect a USB problem.

Any ideas?

Also my final sequence stopped early with a “sequence complete” message. Looking at the log file it seems maybe the real issue PHD lost the guide star? If so, shouldn’t the dialog say something more true to the facts like “Sequence aborted - PHD lost guide star”?

Here are the log files:



This happened again last night, and when it does happen trying to get out of the loop tends to hang SGP.

I don’t have the right laptop with me but can post the logfile later.

It wouldn’t surprise me to find out this is a bug in the QHYCCD ASCOM dirver (or camera) however, it seems to me that SGP should not loop forever and/or hang in anycase.

Ideally “recover” would abandon the current download and try to retake the frame.

Again, I don’t think this is a USB bandwidth problem because (even while guiding) “Take one” in frame and focus with the same bining downloads fine (as does plate solving).


It doesn’t look like recovery mode was enabled. You can set it under the Tools>>Options menu. I wouldn’t rule out a cable issue. In the first log it looks like a few bad things happened shortly after this.