Trouble when installing SGP with Bitdefender Antivirus 2018 active

I attempted to install SGP Beta 3.0.0 with Bit Defender antivirus 2018 active. A warning that the software/app was infected and instructions to reboot to remove the trojan was given by Bit defender. I ignored the alert and shut off the Advance Threat Defense component of Bit Defender AV 2018. I restarted the installation of SGP 3.0 beta and it installed with no problem. I then performed a Quick Scan of my computer and was informed that my system was clean. I then went to the Safe Files component and opened the Application Access window and added SGP. I can close and open the SGP Program with no problems at this time.

Bitdefender is known to flag a lot off false positives, in my opinion it’s a lot better to just use the Windows 10 integrated Antivirus.