Trying to Understand the Camera Cooling part of this Software


I am new to SGP, and to cooled cameras. I have looked at the instructions, but apparently I am not knowledgeable enough to understand a lot of it.

What I would like to know is just how the cooling is set. Someone said that when you set the temperature, you set it at a particular sensor temperature. Does that mean if I want a sensor temperature of +8C, I set my boxes in the equipment profile at +8C, and the cooling will maintain it at that setting. Or does it mean that the cooling will be at +8C over ambient air temperature?

As you can see, I really don’t understand just what this setting is doing. I would love to be able to set my camera cooling to a set temperature, and have both my lights and darks the same temperature, or very close to the same.

I hope someone can tell me exactly what is happening when I set a particular temperature. Caley Ann


Your first assumption is correct. If you set the temp in SGP at 0C the CCD temp will stay at 0C regardless of the ambient temp. (Assuming the temperature differential between the ambient and set point temp does not exceed the capability of the camera cooling system.)


Joel, Thanks so much. I’d been setting my temperatures earlier this year incorrectly then. At least I know I should be able to keep the sensor cooler than 105F, which was what my Canon sensor was getting up to during the summer here in the high desert. That’s one reason I quit imaging during the summer. I was worried I would ruin the camera.
My ZWO ASI1600MM Cooled camera supposedly can handle -40C. So hopefully I can image again during the summer months. Caley Ann