Unsafe condition failed to park scope and close roof at End of Sequence options


This evening quite unexpectedly the End of Sequence options for park scope and closing ROR roof when Unsafe condition is triggered failed. Whenever the Unsafe condition has triggered before now the scope has parked and then roof closed as set in the slaving conditions.

The ccd warmed up as expected and the sequence aborted.

Selecting ‘Park’ in the Telescope tab 5 minutes or so after the Unsafe and sequence abort (22:13), the scope parked and the roof closed without issue. On sequence start the roof opened and scope then unparked as expected.

I am using the new SGP beta with AAG Cloudwatcher and Solo.

I double checked settings and could see nothing immediately wrong.

Log here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32050952/sg_logfile_20161003195424.txt.

Any pointers will help.




Update: just using TV to connect to the obs pc, and I can see that the ccd did not in fact warm up as I first thought.

Looking the the log, I can see a reference to “Skipping end of sequence actions . . . . . already run when unsafe conditions was met” however the End of Sequence options did not run.

Screenshot of relevant section in log:

Checking the Solo I can see that the cloud cover only momentarily entered the Unsafe condition - the Safety indicator had turned ‘red’ in the bottom right corner of the SGP window though.

Screenshot below with red circle around cloude sensor peak into unsafe:

Thanks, HTH.



Well… I think that technically this is your fault for not reading the release notes closely enough. I quote:

Fixed a bug where end of sequence options might run twice when shutting down due to unsafe conditions.

In actuality, I am a man of my word and fixed it so that end of sequence options now run zero times on unsafe conditions. I suppose people will not like this and I am willing to compromise on running them one time (starting in


Read! Read! I was meant to read! I thought being a male I wasn’t supposed to RTFM :heart_eyes: :wink:.

Cheers Ken, look forward to the next beta :grin:.


Sorry Ken - what does that mean exactly? That infers that unsafe conditions will not park the telescope and close the roof … really?


Yes. Sarcasm is hard to covey in written form. In fixing a bug that ran end of sequence options too many times, I broke it the other way… beta life.


No problem Ken - I work for Ford and my US colleagues do not really connect with sarcasm. You must have worked with Canadians at some time :slight_smile: