Upgrade to 3.0 Path?


If it helps i am using
a GT81 with Lakeside focuser, Atik 460M with EFW2 and Lodestar 2Mono with PHD2


We haven’t given an estimate because we honestly don’t have one. It will be
done when it’s stable enough and we determine it’s feature complete. We had
hoped for late 2017 or early 2018 and that doesn’t look like it’s going to
happen. What I don’t want is that we give an estimate, people buy SGP2
hoping to get SGP3 for free and are then mad that they’re outside of the 90

Having said that I hope that we can get it out reasonably soon. Hopefully
within the first half of 2018. But things happen and we can’t guarantee
that either. The only way that you can guarantee that you don’t have to pay
for the upgrade is to buy SGP3.


Jared Wellman
– Co-Founder and Developer


Thanks Jared. I would buy 3 but was scared off by your opening statement and secondly that there does not seem to be a buy option for 3.


I agree. Anyone considering purchase now are left in limbo with this arrangement.

Where can I see the cost to upgrade from V2 to V3? Will this be less than the initial purchase cost?



The upgrade cost with no add ons will be $79. If you have add ons just subtract the cost from that.

We try and be transparent about releases. I think for 4.0 we’ll just keep it quiet until we’re about ready to release. Sadly this means the beta period will be much shorter.


Jared Wellman
– Co-Founder and Developer


I had an interesting experience purchasing Pempro. I bought V2 back in May 2012. At the time Ray was working on V3 and offered a free upgrade to V3 if you purchased V2. I guess other priorities got in the way and V3 didn’t get released. Two weeks ago I got the email with the new license key for V3, more than 5 years later :astonished:

Glad I didn’t hold out for V3 at the time as it would have been a long wait in hindsight. The good news is Ray got my subscription and I can now upgrade to V3 for free - happy days :slight_smile:


Can i go straight down the version 3 path and buy it now. If so how do i do that.


It is not currently for sale. You can use the beta until the trial expires. But that’s about it for 3.0 until it’s released.

Thank you,


Just wanted to give a little update here. Ken and I discussed some things this evening and we’re trying to get 3.0 out in the very near future. Some features will still be in “beta” but it will be available for purchase and this will stop the “limbo” that some new users are experiencing. We’ve also decided to make the 3.X license backwards compatible to 2.X since 3.X will still be somewhat in beta (primarily the ZWO support)

So give us a week or two to get some things in order and you’ll be seeing 3.x in the very near future.



Brilliant news. Not many people react as quickly or as positively as you do. That gives me great hope that this is everything that i want in one package.


Jared ken, reading this post i realized that beta license is 45 days free. Somehow you plan to roll out the coming step in 40 days, resetting the timer.

Personal tought: It would be possible to live with a free software, accepting bugs.

That is too much unfair in respect to all the efforts and time you give to this project. Wouldn’t be better to give beta access only to regoular Licenses? This could stop the limbo, that will come at each major relase.

The software is too gorgeous to be un-supported

(My 2 cents)


I don’t think that changes the problem. The problem is new users wanting to purchase and not knowing which version to purchase. Licensed users can use the beta until we put out a release without purchase. The Beta does expire in 45 days but we release new betas faster than that.



i feel sad about that. your software could run at 299$ without any problem. I have attempted to test other software but yours is indeed my best.

Hope you find the best way to run your business :slight_smile:


I would like to verify if/when purchasing v3.0, that it will be a perpetual license and not a subscription license? I would be very interested in paying to upgrade to v3.0 but not if it is a subscription! Thanks.



Yes, just like SGP2. Both are perpetual licenses.